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Hanuman ji is one of the most powerful deities in the world. It is the time to praise Hanuman, the great god of Hinduism. He has many names and forms and is worshiped by millions of people all over the world. Hanuman Temple is a particularly sacred place for Hindus where they perform certain activities like chanting, prayer and offering food and flowers to Lord Hanuman. Here we have the explanation and information of Hanuman, to introduce you to the legend

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We pray to Lord Hanuman, who has the power to destroy evil. He is our friend, who teaches us the lessons of life. Hanuman ji is the god of power and prosperity, he is one of the most prominent deities of India and is worshiped by Hindus all over India.

Jai Hanuman


Hanuman Path is an ancient practice followed by many Hindus. During Hanuman Path, devotees worship Lord Hanuman by chanting his name and praising him. This can be done using flowers, incense sticks or fruits. Hanuman Path is done to increase one's inner peace and inner strength.

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Hanuman ji's aarti is performed after worshiping Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji's aarti is a very famous aarti. Where devotees of Lord Hanuman pray to Hanuman ji and express all their wishes. Hanuman Aarti is the symbol of victory. Hanuman Aarti is also called the most popular Hindu prayer.

Bajrang Bali


Hanuman ji can be worshiped using flowers, fruits or incense sticks. This includes the chanting of mantras and the use of flower garlands (dhature) and incense. Hanuman Puja is a devotional festival among Hindus. In this, Lord Hanuman is worshiped by offering various Prasad and Puja Samagri

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Hanuman ji is a great devotee of Shri Ram and Anjana is the son of Kesari, who is also known as Maruti and Anjaneya. Hanuman ji is an incarnation of Lord Shiva, he is considered the most powerful and intelligent of all the incarnations of Lord Shiva.

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Mandir is a holy place. where peace and prosperity are found


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Mandir and Satsang is a place of peace and prosperity.


Holy Gathering

Satsang is a sacred gathering where peace are bound to happen.

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Hanuman ji is trusted by billions of people around the world. bajrang bali is the second most worshipped God in India after Lord Shiva. In popular culture, Hanuman is often depicted as a strong and brave Monkey God from Hindu mythology who leads the monkeys to help them fight against demons.

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