The TempleBala Temple Jamnagar Gujarat The TempleShri HanumanMandir Jakhoo The TempleSankat Mochan Temple Varanasi The TempleSri Mahavir MandirPatna Bihar
The TempleBala Temple
Jamnagar Gujarat
Bala Hanuman Temple, also known as Shri Balahanuman Sankirtan Mandir is situated at the south east side of Ranmal Lake (or Lakhota Lake) in Jamnagar. Dedicated to Lord Anjaneya
The TempleShri Hanuman
Mandir Jakhoo
Jakhoo Temple is an ancient temple in Shimla, dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Anjaneya
The TempleSankat Mochan
Temple Varanasi
Sankat Mochan Temple is dedicated to the Lord Anjaneya
The TempleSri Mahavir Mandir
Patna Bihar
Mahavir Mandir, located near Patna Junction, is one of the most popular temples dedicated to Lord Anjaneya
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A major characteristic of Bajrang Bali Philosophy is that it examines fundamental questions about the nature and scope of existence.


Lord SHRI HANUMAN JI Ka Information

Hindus believe In the Lord Hanuman Ji

It is said that Lord Hanuman is the personification of love, compassion, devotion, power, as well as wisdom. On Tuesdays, it’s common to observe people worshipping Lord Hanuman. India is home to some of the largest bajrang bali temples in the world. Jai Hanuman is thought to be the spiritual offspring of the wind god Vayu, who is said to have had a direct hand in Hanuman’s birth in a number of myths. Hanuman is seen as a partial manifestation of Shiva.

Serving the Hindu community's needs

We make requests to Lord Hanuman, who has the ability to vanquish evil. He is our friend and a life-lessons teacher. Hanuman Ji is one of India’s most famous gods and is revered by Hindus all over the country. Strength and prosperity are his attributes.

Jai Hanuman


Path is an ancient practice followed by many Hindus. During Path, devotees worship Lord bajrang bali by chanting his name and praising him. This can be done using flowers, incense sticks or fruits. Path is done to increase one's inner peace and inner strength.

lord hanuman


Jai Hanuman aarti is performed after worshiping sankat mochan. Bajrang Bali aarti is a very famous aarti. Where devotees of Lord Anjaneya pray to Maruti and express all their wishes. Aarti is the symbol of victory. Aarti is also called the most popular Hindu prayer.

Bajrang Bali


sankat mochan can be worshiped using flowers, fruits or incense sticks. This includes the chanting of mantras and the use of flower garlands (dhature) and incense. Puja is a devotional festival among Hindus. In this, Lord Bajrang Bali is worshiped by offering various Prasad and Puja Samagri


Know About God Bajrang Bali

Hanuman, one of Hinduism’s most well-known deities, demonstrated his devotion to Lord Roma by playing a significant role in his incarnation. Additionally, he is mentioned in a few Puranas, the Mahabharata, and Jain writings. He has been referred to as an Indra, Vayu, or Shiva manifestation. He is revered and admired by people from all walks of life for his courage, bravery, and humility.

hanuman temple

Connects Devoters

Mandir is a holy place. where peace and prosperity are found

People ji

Place Of Peace

Mandir and Satsang is a place of peace and prosperity.

People ji

Holy Gathering

Satsang is a sacred gathering where peace are bound to happen.

Hanuman Mandir
Working Process
Community Work
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Hanuman JI

Why Choose God Hanuman Gi

Trust by Billion People Worldwide

Hanuman is a deity who is adored everywhere in the world, regardless of a person’s religion, caste, or creed. Worshipping Lord Hanuman helps people overcome obstacles in life, such as persistent health problems, marital troubles, mental or psychological problems like depression, worry, or fear, as well as to overcome negativity and to be freed from evil spirits. By worshipping Hanuman, one can maintain discipline and achieve more success in life and at business. You can stop bad behaviours like lying, cheating, being lazy, fickle-minded, procrastinating, etc. by praying to Hanuman. It cultivates sound thinking and self-assurance.

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